A Few Guaranteed Money Saving Tips

Are you looking for a few easy ways to save some money? Whether you are trying to save to buy a house, buy a car, put money in savings or retirement, go on a vacation, or even just buy a new pair of shoes, if you follow these simple money saving tips you will find yourself saving money in no time!

One of the fastest and easiest ways to save money is to stop eating out and cook the majority of your meals at home. Eating at a restaurant costs, on average, £10 more per serving that cooking your own meal. You can save hundreds of pounds a year by taking your own lunch to work, or “brown-bagging it”, instead of eating out then too. Aside from being cheaper, cooking your own food is generally healthier for you as well, and who knows, you could even inspire others to start saving money as well!

Speaking of health, switching cokes, juices, energy drinks, and other sugary beverages for water will save you hundreds of dollars too. Alcohol is another very expensive drink that can be very bad for your health, so keep the drinking to a minimum!

One of the most common ways people throw money down the drain without even realizing it is through the interest rates on their credit cards. Pay your credit card off every month so you will not have to pay any interest and you can save yourself thousands of pounds. Credit card interest rates are typically well over 10-15%, which is a huge chunk of change, especially if you use your credit card frequently and only make the minimum payment every month. Better yet, try not to use a credit card at all!

If it is possible, you can save a lot of money by carpooling to work or school, or even riding a bicycle if you live close enough. With petrol prices constantly changing, it may even save you money to take public transportation.

There are several things you can do around the house to save money on your utilities: lower your water heater temperature, unplug any unused appliances, turn electronics off or set to go into sleep mode when not in use, and keep your thermostat set higher in the summer and lower in the winter. You will be surprised how easily you adjust to these changes, and soon you won’t even notice it, plus, your doing a good thing for the planet too!

Finally, ask for discounts! Many stores and restaurants have promotions that they don’t advertise that they will give you if you ask. There are also times that you or your family may qualify for a certain discount such as student discounts, senior discounts, military and/or veteran discounts, or child discounts. You’ll never know until you ask, so ask for discounts any and everywhere!

These are just a few money saving tips that could end up saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars over the course of just one year. You may find that you enjoy saving money so much you take it a step further and start looking for more ways to save!